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Eric J. Lallemand, Co-founder, Programmes Adviser and Researcher

Eric J. Lallemand
Co-founder, Programmes Adviser and Researcher

Eric is a French (born in Paris) versatile keen media observer and linguist.
His interest in how and to what extent the mass media can affect people's attitudes and contribute to shaping public opinion goes back to
when he studied the British press for his Master's degree at the 'Institut Charles V' of Anglophone studies at the University Paris VII.

Eric's faith in education and culture led him to do some language teaching in secondary schools in France and England,
and to work in a major bookshop in London; hence his determination to ensure, among other things, that 3ec-TV
is respectful of each language vocabulary (if only to please Shakespeare and Molière).
He contributed to the accomplishment of the short bilingual animation 'All about 3ec-TV', made in an unprecedented collaboration with students
from 4 countries and a young Russian composer, which has gained recognition at international film festivals.

Eric brings his expertise to 3ec-TV for selecting valuable programmes and music, having previously worked
at the 'Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon' (France) under the direction of Gilbert Amy
(he helped to empanel the different instrumental juries for the final exams '1st prize').

Eric wanted 3ec-TV to be ecology-oriented, as over 10 years of clincial trials management at the Medical Research Council in UK and the 'Institut Gustave Roussy' in France
made him realize that cancer must also be fought on another front requiring an awareness of the problem upstream,
part of the solution lying in the inescapable reconciliation of the human being with the environment.

Eric has helped to run 'Caelestis', a volunteer-based small charity dedicated to WWF to raise funds and public environmental awareness worldwide.
He contributed as a prof-reader in French and English, translator and photographer.
He used to do some voluntary work in a Leonard Cheshire home for the disabled (UK) when he was a student.

Eric loves nature (is for trees preservation and replanting), likes classical music and film scores, discovering cultures
and enjoys sailing (has a Certificate of the Day Skipper/Watch Leader for Sail and Power Craft of the Royal Yachting Association, UK).
In addition to being bilingual French-English, Eric also speaks some Spanish.

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