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Sandra Hanns, photo courtesy of Sandra Hanns

Sandra Hanns
Advisor in sustainable fashion, TV-digital production and e-commerce

Sandra is an American-Chilean citizen who lives in San Francisco (USA). She is a public speaker, moderator and conference organizer;
Sandra's passion is to unify communities that are interested in forwarding society for peace
and sustainability for a thriving green economy.

Sandra is the "Board Chair of the Education Committee" of the Mexican Museum in San Francisco
and was a member of the Board of Directors of International Latino Film Festival San Francisco Bay Area for 12 years.

Presently, Sandra is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the iGreen Media Group
iGreen Media Group-logo
and the Founder and Organizer of the San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International.
San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International-logo
Sandra is the Creator and Producer of the Green Glam World in San Francisco and collaborates with the San Francisco Department of the Environment.
Continuing with expanding platforms to support the green movement, Sandra founded and published iGreenWoman Magazine and
created the Annual Experts United Sustainable Industries Conference making it
the first Global-Live-and-Virtual Conference during COVID-19 global pandemic in April 2020.
Sandra was among the leading international speakers at the Global Climate Conversation
organized by The Climate Reality Project (October 2020) which mobilized communities in 154 countries.

Sandra is the Co-Founder of the Earth Day San Francisco Festival [2010] and creator of the Green Voices Bay Area Awards for Peace and Sustainability.
She received the Certificate of Honor from the Board of Supervisors of the City of San Francisco, California in 2014.
And in 2018, the California State Assembly awarded a Certificate of Recognition for her achievements in promoting sustainable fashion
and for her commitment to promoting a green economy.
Sandra was also Awarded 'Inspirational Woman' by the Women's Voices for the Earth.

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