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Chere Di Boscio, photo courtesy of Chere Di Boscio

Chere di Boscio
Canadian-English multicultural journalist in sustainable fashion, lifestyle and luxury

Chere's long career in journalism spans several continents: she has edited and written for prestigious fashion magazines in Toronto, Dubai, Paris, London and Buenos Aires,
and also taught at the prestigious School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London for over a decade.

Chere is a fashion editor with over 20 years' experience in journalism and the founder and Editor in Chief of 'Eluxe Magazine'.
Eluxe Magazine
Chere founded the world's first ever eco-luxury digital magazine in early February 2013, and published the first paper edition of 'Eluxe Magazin'e in November 2013.
After a career editing glossy luxury magazines, Chere became disillusioned with the fact that 'luxury' was too often associated with 'excess' - and decided to do something about it.
Today, 'Eluxe Magazine' is at the forefront of showing how 'eco' can be elegant, and is bridging the gap between the sustainable brands and the public.
'Eluxe Magazine' has become a trusted leader in the realm of sustainable luxury, and has co-ordinated several international events including
the Green Galleries for Abu Dhabi's 'Fashion and Lifestyle' show in December, 2013;
'eco Pop Up Shops' at Matignon and Hotel du Temps in Paris, and launched the first 'Eluxe Sustainable Luxury Awards' in 2016.

Chere also founded 'The Clean Ribbon', a non-profit charity which aims to fund research into the everyday chemicals commonly found in personal care products and clothing and their potential relationship to cancer. The website also serves as an information portal to allow the public to make better fashion and grooming product choices.
The Clean Ribbon

Chere is a regular judge at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 'Eluxe Awards'
Eluxe Awards
and at the 'La Jolla Fashion Film Awards' in the USA.

Chere is a truly multicultural professional, having lived in London, Paris, Cape Town, Toronto and Buenos Aires.
She is an animal loving vegan currently living with her husband in Cusco, Peru.

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