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versatile Audiovisual Technician and Producer at 3ec-TV

Nicolas Kerjan, 3ec-TV versatile Audiovisual Technician and Producer

Nicolas Kerjan

Nicolas started studying audiovisual production at the International Institute for Image and Sound 3IS in Paris (France),
and then decided to go further, specializing in sound engineering in Belgium, at the Institute of Broadcasting Arts IAD - Louvain-la-Neuve).

He spent last ten years between documentary shootings, short and feature films sets, TV programmes and corporate films, working as a production sound mixer and boom operator.
He also got involved in the post-production side, working as a sound editor and mixer for fiction films, radio programmes and documentaries.
He also took part in creative audiovisual workshops for the youth as a film editor and director.

Joining 3ec-TV means for Nicolas getting involved in a detailed, coherent and educational approach to all our environmental questions and challenges.

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