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3ec-TV American multimedia journalist bilingual (English-French) based in New York

Sabrina Buckwalter, 3ec-TV bilingual (English-French) American multimedia journalist based in New York

Sabrina Buckwalter

Sabrina is an American producer, reporter and investigative researcher for television and documentary films who lives in New York.
Her work has appeared on ABC, Al Jazeera, France Télévision, ARTE and Netflix.

Sabrina has worked for France Télévision in Washington, D.C., producing reports on politics, culture and the environment.

Sabrina speaks Hindi and spent a year in India working as a reporter for 'The Times of India', the most circulated English language newspaper in the world.

She holds two degrees from Columbia University in New York, a Master's in journalism, with a specialization in investigative journalism
and a Bachelor of Arts in political science.
She is a member of the organization of Investigative Reporters and Editors.

Since celebrating her first 'Earth Day' at 8 years old, she has been a lifelong supporter of environmentalism,
which is why she is happy to work with 3ec-TV with its environmental and ethical background.

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