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Jean-Michel Bonne

Jean-Michel Bonne
General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of 3ec-TV

Jean-Michel is a French (native of Madagascar) Certified Chartered Accountant with many years of expertise in audit, management, finance and taxation.

He has created his own company 'Helios Consultants'
and has worked as a judicial expert for the County and Magistrates' Courts and the Court of Appeal in France.

He was a lecturer in Finance for a Master's degree course at the University of EVRY II (a scientific university)
and also taught in high schools and further education.

Jean-Michel holds a Master's degree in Asset Management (University Clermont Ferrand I),
a Master's degree in Tax and Social Law - (PARIS II, Panthéon Assas),
and graduated in Business Law (University of Aix - Marseille).
He also graduated from the Amiens Business School (École Supérieure de Commerce, ranked 2nd best French business school in 1973).

Jean-Michel lived in the USA in the late 90s. At that time, his father was working for the NASA on the program APOLLO
and subsequently received a distinction from Neil Armstrong himself (the first man to walk on the moon) who came to Madagascar.
Jean-Michel enjoys visiting countries and has travelled extensively in Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain.

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