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Grazyna Lallemand

Grazyna Lallemand
Co-founding Chairwoman, Director of Commercial Affairs in charge of TV programmes

Grazyna is a Polish-French pragmatic and resourceful multitalented media visionary and a professional in international commerce
who takes ethical values into account whatever her goal.

Grazyna is passionate about the entertaining and educational features of television that can instigate social change.
After researching into the media and having drawn upon her rich experiences, she devised 3ec-TV based on a novel purpose-driven business model;
an international independent generalist bilingual (English-French) channel with a humanistic vision and ecology-oriented.
She has mobilized prominent committed personalities around the globe to collaborate with the channel to reach and inspire a wider audience.
Her experimental animated bilingual teaser 'All about 3ec-TV' produced in an unprecedented collaboration with students from several countries
has gained recognition at international film festivals.

Grazyna included the environment as a cross-disciplinary theme in the content of 3ec-TV,
since 10 years of work on cancer research at the Medical Research Council in UK as a Clinical Trial Manager reinforced her awareness
of the link between humans and the environment.

Grazyna has decided to encourage the industry and consumers to turn to entirely sustainably-produced products
when she was responsible for developing international sales of Grand Cru Classé and Champagne for French wine companies.
She founded 'Caelestis', a volunteer-based charity dedicated to World Wildlife Fund, to raise funds and public environmental awareness.
She created an ecological luxury brand 'Caelestis' (endorsed by celebrities) auctioned for WWF in various countries.
Grazyna makes use of this experience and is the first to integrate the concept of contributing '1% for the Planet' into a TV channel.

She was an advisor to the 'Transatlantyk' International Film & Music Festival 'Culinary Cinema' in Poland
(founded by the Oscar-winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek)
and an occasional French-English-Polish translator.

Grazyna holds a Master's in International Commerce (France) and a Degree in Human Sciences - option Economy (honours) (UK),
as well as a Diploma in Management of Medium-sized Companies (France) and an Advanced Level in Computer Science (UK).

She has always been a nature-loving person (was already editor of the environmental magazine at the primary school in Poland),
has a passion for organic gardening (qualified in horticulture in France).
She likes travelling and discovering cultures, and enjoys watching compelling TV programmes.

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