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François Marot

François Marot
News Editor in Chief, Director of Communications

François is a recognized French journalist who has devoted most of his career to reporting and writing after having studied journalism at the CELSA Sorbonne University Paris 4.
He was awarded the Nieman Fellowship (an award given each year to a few journalists) by the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University (USA).

He was editor in chief of National Geographic magazine in France for 15 years and cultivated his interest in ecology through its editorial line and every project.
He developed the monthly issue by creating special issues, spin-offs of the magazine and off-press actions.
This included the launch of a national geography contest for high school students, the creation of a photography contest in partnership with Air France
and hosting a TV show on the National Geographic Channel co-produced with the magazine.

François was a senior reporter specialized in European issues, in environmental issues and in the coverage of the USSR under Mikhail Gorbachev,
while working within the editorial staff of VSD (weekly French news magazine).

He also directed the "World, Economy" and "History" sections for the magazine "Ça M'intéresse" of the group Prisma Presse, and worked in the "People" section of France-Soir
(one of the great French daily newspapers in the 80's) under the direction of one of the most famous columnist and TV/radio host in France, Philippe Bouvard.
François has also participated in television shows for France 24 in English.

He animated TV panels during the COP 21 (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) at the Grand Palais in Paris
and integrated in parallel a start-up born from the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne)
which analyses - among other things - issues related to the environment and global warming through large social networks.
He also participated in debates at the 'COP24 Non Official'.

François is co-founder of the "Explorer" Festival, the "Nouvelles Explorations" in Royan (France).

He is the author of several essays and documents: "Living without oil: a society threatened with dry failure"," Kremlin backstage", "The 12 tribes of Europe", "The Riches".
François likes traveling (he has been to many countries around the world) and aviation.

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